Maria Sybilla Merian Honored by Two Countries

German postage stamp with portrait of Marian Sybilla MerianFirst Day Covers for "Merian Botanicals" stamp issue from USPS

Maria Sybilla has been honored on postage stamps in Germany and the U.S. Her portrait appears on the 40 pfennig German stamp as one of their Women of German History series. It was issued 17 September 1987. Ten years later details of her artwork from her research in Surinam appeared on two 32 cents U.S. stamps. They were issued 1 March 1997 as part of The Year of the Artist series. One of the stamps shows a flowering pineapple; the other depicts a citron with a moth, larva, pupa, and a beetle.

Her portrait was also shown on the face of the old German 500 deutsche mark (pre Euro) bill, while showing a dandelion plant with a caterpillar and butterfly on the reverse side.
Front of the 500 Deutche Mark currency billback of the 500 Deutsche Mark currency bill

Maria Sybilla Merian has also been honored by having had six plants, nine butterflies, and two beetles named for her. However, while I have read this fact from several sources, I have yet to discover any specific names or photos.